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Privacy Policy

Here is the privacy policy text of the official website of Akhil Chirravuri which guides you through the process of use of personal information of the website visitors. It refers to the information collected from and any webpage/social accounts linked to it and how securely it is stored. The privacy policy is updated regularly.


In this document, we/our/us is in reference to Akhil Chirravuri and you/your is referred to the visitor.


It explains how the personal information of a person is collected and further processed for our services.

[Personal Information]

Personal Information includes name, e-mail address, contact information (also includes social media links) that may be connected either online or offline through the website.


By agreeing to use our services, and going through our privacy and safety policies, users provide their consent for us to collect, store and process their data as required.

[What information do we collect?] 

The information is collected mainly through the Akhil Chirravuri website. We ask for an individual’s name, e-mail address and contact number while creating their unique user profile. The Akhil Chirravuri website collects user data including an email ID and a login password for the website. If the user chooses to login through his/her social media account, the web app shall be connected to their selected social media profiles. Apart from this, the Akhil Chirravuri website also tracks user-specific data including likes and comments on the website.

[How we use the collected data]

The major use of the collected information is to provide the subscriber with important updates via SMS and e-mails, to try and provide news updates about Akhil Chirravuri in the subscriber’s own language.

[How to opt out from our services]

If any user or a subscriber wants to opt out of our services, i.e. stop receiving the emails or any latest software update information, then they can easily unsubscribe from those by simply dropping an e-mail to

For any requested service from subscriber’s end, we will reply to those queries without asking for any future subscriptions. If the user opts out from our services, then, their data will be deleted from all our servers.

[Information sharing policies]

We have potent policies when it comes to sharing the personal information of any user. Without compromising the privacy and security of any user, we intend to share the information only with those who’ll be in process of providing services to the users.

[Disclosure of Information]

Privacy of personal information is a priority for us. To avoid any harm to such information we have strict guidelines for disclosure of this information to any third party organization.

[Access to information]

The access to any customer’s personal database will be limited to only the technical team who are handling the database along with the corresponding technology team of “Wix” company. A user at any point in time can also request for access to his own personal information which will be granted to him without any undue delay.


We ensure that proper measures are taken to safeguard our database of user’s personal information. With all the latest physical and technical integrations and methodologies, we tend to secure the data which also includes encryption of data over the internet.




With the fast updating security measures, we try to keep upgrading our policies from time to time. For more detailed information on our security measures, feel free to contact us at

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