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Copyright Policy

[Copyright Policy]


  1. Only data related to reforms, administration and governance is NOT subject to copyright and is allowed for distribution.

  2. Any other information, research work, ideas, concepts, data listed including what has been mentioned under "My Legislative Proposals" is the sole property of Akhil Chirravuri and is subject to all laws of land.

  3. Information from second and third parties is subject to distribution and copy as per the respective laws and policies of their website or organization.

  4. Accessibility of weblinks through hyperlinks that a user/visitor encounters through-out this website is subject to the availability of source location, proper internet connectivity and availability.

  5. Before accessing any third-party website, user/visitor should make himself/herself comfortable with the security certifications and other relavant safety information of the website. We are NOT responsible for any digital mishaps or any sort of losses incurred by the user. 

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