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भारत गणराज्य

Republic of India

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We feel great whenever we recollect

How great our nation is?

How fabulous our traditions are? and

How rich our cultural heritage is?

- Remember -


"Any NATION is merely a REFLECTION of its PEOPLE" 

Ideology & Vision

"What's happening to this world?"

"Where's this society heading to?"

"What's wrong with this nation?"


Each and every one of us has had, at one point or the other,

contemplated about the course of this society, nation or even human race after encountering some pathetic experiences or incidents in our life.

We all strongly acknowledge the fact that if citizens around us (along with ourselves) take responsibility and act towards collective good, every social problem could be solved.

But how could we possibly make every citizen believe that their actions yield results and reforms?

That’s where the idea of "Direct Democracy" or "Substantive Democracy" comes to the fore.

The IDEA...


Citizens are made a part of all legislative affairs at National level through public meetings and public referendums are built pertaining to various laws across different levels.

What does it mean?



It means that Citizens are given a taste of real political power and they are equipped with knowledge enabling them to make informed decisions and understand the vision and impact of various laws and public policies on their lives and on our future generations.

Why is it essential?



Society is NOT 1 Person, Society is NOT 1 Idea. NO 1 Person or NO 1 Political Party could UNITE people and make SUSTAINABLE CHANGE happen.

It's ONLY through ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP could we ever make an ever-lasting impact on the minds & hearts of our people from diverse backgrounds.  




  1. To build trust among citizens and to strengthen the very social fabric of Indian society.

  2. To make people believe that only working collectively could usher in the change in our lives, in our society and to this nation.

  3. To make citizens believe that the true and ultimate power is vested in them and tapping into the citizen’s potential of deliberative decision-making beyond electoral politics and impacting our social order.

The advantages?


  1. An opportunity for citizens to understand accurately about the social problems and providing a platform for all to gather, discuss and work on solutions.

  2. An opportunity for each and every citizen to directly, and, both in quantitative & qualitative terms, contribute towards improving the life of our fellow citizens, this society and our nation.

  3. A platform for active citizens to transform into new age leaders, pioneers of change and politicians who could fully understand social problems and work on reforms.

Make people a part of


Empower societies & communities to make informed decisions.

A platform for people to come together & make decisions collectively.




Build trust-centric society & make peoples' lives simple & happy.

Space for new ideas & innovative thoughts.

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