GE 2019 Manifesto 




Do you know?

All Parliamentary constituencies are provided with INR 5 Crore per year i.e. 25 Crore over a 5-year period under the MPLADS (Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme). These funds should be used by MPs to carry-out developmental works in their respective constituencies.


“Students are/as the Future”

1) A Student Development Corner will be established in the constituency to –

  • Give free career counselling to all students belonging to 10th and intermediate from teachers, educationalists, researchers, scholars, industry experts, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and professional counsellors.

       Objective: To ensure that students have a clear vision and a better understanding of the profession and career they aspire              and work towards fulfilling their aspirations through a guided approach.

  • ANY student, and, more importantly, ANY student/person with a degree but WITHOUT A JOB could come and acquire skillsets and secure a job based on his/her needs and aspirations.

  • Focus will be on imparting Entrepreneurial & Leadership attitudes to students and enthusiasts right from tender stages and provide them with an opportunity to execute their work by establishing business incubation centres.

  • Imparting technology skills to students.

  • Prospects of reskilling for current generation employees.

  • An exclusive stress intervention cell to those students who undergo severe stress and receive little (or) no help. We are there to take a good care of you. Worry not. 


Guidelines regarding the selection of beneficiaries & the timeline of the aforementioned Student development plan

[Regarding Free Career Counselling]

1) Any student whose parent(s) belong(s) to the Secunderabad parliamentary constituency (which comprises of 7 assembly constituency segments namely Musheerabad, Amberpet, Khairatabad, Secunderabad, Nampally, Sanatnagar & Jubilee Hills) and holds a valid voter-ID as on the date of commencement of registration is eligible for the FREE career counselling programme.

2) Every year (for the next 5 years), the career counselling programme will be held in 3 phases.

  • 1st phase in June-July (just about the time 10th class students begin their academics),

  • 2nd phase in December (after the completion of Half yearly exams at school level),

  • 3rd phase is for Intermediate students (both 1st & 2nd year) in the month of April (after the completion of their Intermediate Board exams).

3) Registrations for the programme will commence one month before the actual commencement of the programme and will close with-in 3 weeks from the commenced date.

[Regarding imparting skillsets to the unemployed students/youth]

1) Any unemployed student/youth belonging to the Secunderabad parliamentary constituency with a valid voter-ID on the date of registration is eligible to register for the Accelerated Skillset programme which takes a need-based approach of imparting skills to unemployed students/youth and equipping him/her to secure a job.


2) The skillset programme has 2 aspects –  

  • The 1st aspect includes imparting strong communication, analytical, speaking, listening and observation skills, resume & email writing, telephonic skills and skills required to crack an interview which is absolutely FREE.

  • The 2nd aspect includes imparting technical skills which MIGHT come at a PRICE based on the type and nature of the skill involved. ALL the relevant & necessary information regarding costs & no. of hours required will be informed to the corresponding beneficiaries beforehand during the time of commencement of registration or with-in the 1st week of commencement of the registration.


3) There will be an assessment test at the end of the programme and if either the beneficiary or the assessing authority is NOT satisfied with the results of the assessment, the beneficiary is compelled to prepare and sit for another assessment until both the aforementioned parties are satisfied. However, this is NOT a school where academic structure dictates terms and conditions, so a beneficiary has the option of dropping-out.

4) Every year a quarterly employment drive shall be conducted (Total 4 employment drives per year) with-in the limits of Secunderabad Parliamentary Constituency and equal opportunity shall be given to each and every unemployed graduate/student to prove his/her skills and talent and take-up a job as per their aspirations while simultaneously matching the industry requirements.

[Regarding Entrepreneurial & Leadership skills to students]

1) There will be a special drive in undergraduate degree colleges to identify ideas (both related to products and services) and special training in product design and product development will be imparted to students.

2) “Entrepreneurship is as much about innovation and impact as it is about making money and ensuring profit to all the stakeholders involved”.

With this in mind, entrepreneurial training will be imparted to qualified* students. (Qualified* - the parametres, criteria and any other conditions related to this process will be decided after a proper discussion with experts from the fields of business education, scholars and experts from other related domains).

3) Space (financial, resource-based and any other) is required for such budding entrepreneurs to thrive and I will do all in my power to ensure such an ecosystem is built.

[Regarding prospects of Re-Skilling for current generation employees]

1) With changing business & industry needs, the worst affected are those who don’t have means to upgrade themselves and align with the industry needs. From software professionals to managers belonging to small & medium enterprises, one major vulnerability is possessing obsolete skills.

Hence a need-based re-skilling plan will be established for current generation employees. All the details including costs and number of hours an employee has to spend to get re-skilled will be informed during the time of registration.

2) All employees staying in Secunderabad Parliamentary constituency aged between 30 - 50 years with a valid voter ID as on the Date of Commencement of registration are eligible for this re-skilling programme.

[Regarding Stress-intervention Cell]

1) An exclusive stress intervention cell will be established and the details (Phone & Address) will be shared with EVERY student.

2) ANY student can make calls to the helpline and seek counselling on stress management or they could attend the office and seek guidance/counselling in person.


3) A student/person’s anonymity & privacy is the top-most priority and every detail related to the process i.e. the person’s identity, the phone conversations, the live conversations, the nature of the guidance/counselling sought and any other aspect/part of the whole process shall be held a secret and violators will be severely punished.




All sorts of Registrations for the above development schemes shall be made available in both ONLINE & OFFLINE modes.

I, Akhil Chirravuri, do solemnly affirm that 

  • I shall be living in the Secunderabad constituency and that I will be available and accessible to ALL constituents.

  • I will conduct 2 hr meetings everyday for the next 5 years in each assembly constituency (7 assembly constituencies = 7 days). Details of meeting venue & time will be shared well in advance with all constituents via SMS.


  • I will ensure that ALL eligible & needy beneficiaries of constituency receive the benefits of Union Government & State Government schemes.

  • My Travel records will be open to public.

  • ALL Problems related to roads, infrastructure, drinking water, environment, development & welfare schemes will be addressed & solved with-in 48 hours.

  • I/my office will respond with-in 20 minutes to e-mails sent to me/my office explaining the problem and that the corresponding problem will be solved with-in 24 hours (If an issue requires more than 24 hrs to solve, the same shall be informed to the citizen). 

  • I will make every CITIZEN a part of law-making by conducting opinion polls, e-voting on ALL legisative proposals (both government & private member bills).

  • An exclusive space & schedule will be dedicated to STUDENTS. Solutions to student issues will be a TOP priority.

  • An exclusive SOCIAL AUDIT on funds utilized by me for both developmental & welfare works undertaken in Secunderabad constituency.