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  1. Switching from bi-focused (IQ & LQ) learning approach to quad-focused (IQ, LQ, EQ & SQ) learning approach.

  2. Trimester methodology at all primary and secondary education levels.

  3. Mandatory career counselling at all secondary, higher secondary schools/intermediate & undergraduate degree colleges.

  4. Standardised framework for qualification & appointment of teachers and adopt scientific ways of assessing their performance.

  5. Reforms related to comprehensive student testing methodologies to evaluate core cognitive capabilities.

  6. Spiritual Education to be made apart of formal education system. (Note: Spiritual education doesn't mean religious education)

  7. Amendments to RTE to grant State & Local governments more power and designated role in affairs of school management and Fee regulation.

  8. Mandatory teaching of Constitutional values as a part of academics.

  9. Work towards solving fee reimbursement issues.

  10. Work towards improving the quality of tertiary education across India.

  11. Work towards establishing a regulatory framework for religious education.

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